Hobby Hand

Article on 3Ders featuring the Hobby Hand.  Click on the picture for link!

The Hobby Hand has been selected as a Kickstarter Staff Pick and for the Project of the day (Jan 09, 2016).

BRG has created a 3D printed robotic hand that better mimics natural hand movement that anyone can easily learn to control.  

We are presenting the Hobby Hand as an open source test bench that will preview technologies borrowed from the Nu-Hand (our previous Kickstarter attempt).  The Hobby Hand is an affordable kit that will aid in the further development of our 3D prosthetic hands.  This platform is ideal for hobbyists, tinkerers, DIYers, and those who are interested in learning about robotics.  The ‘Hobby Hand’ can also be used as an introductory educational platform for programming, micro-controllers, analog sensors, and hardware.

Please check on the Kickstarter page for full details and how to order your Hobby Hand!