3D Models

Occasionally we create random 3D models of things we use personally.  We will post these free 3D models (in STL format) on this page.  We will start moving these free models to the BRG Store as soon as we finish it.  

*Please do not redistribute, host on alternate sites or attempt to make money off these models.  

BRG Storage Holder


This is the official BRG Storage holder.  We had this as a lower level reward on the Nu-Hand Kickstarter.

This little piece will make your desk space legit.   This print can handle up to 4 USB thumb drivers and 4 SD cards.  

Our name BRG and our website is branded on the bottom of the holder.



Toshiba Canvio External Hard Drive 'Dock'


 Ever wanted to dock your External Hard Drive and keep all your USB's and SD cards together?  Here is our solution to our external problems...

This dock allows for five standard SD cards to be mounted along with four USB flash drives.  There is adequate spacing just in case you have oversized USB flash drives.  

Here is your chance to print a stately looking mount!  This was designed using the dimensions of the Toshiba Canvio external hard drives.  Other external drives may fit, but it won't be as snug.